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America’s Continuing Misadventures in the Middle Eastacmitme_cover__02426-1446756715-826-1280
Just World Books, 2016

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Interesting Times: China, America, and the Shifting Balance of PrestigeInteresting Times Cover
Just World Books, 2013

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Supplementary Online Texts
Book launch with Michael Swaine
Book Launch with National Committee on U.S. China Relations

America’s Misadventures in the Middle EastAmericas Misadventures in the Middle East
Just World Books, 2010
(published in Chinese as 美国在中东的厄运, Beijing 2013)

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Arts of Power: Statecraft and DiplomacyArts Of Power
U.S. Institute of Peace Press, Washington, D.C., 1997
(published in Chinese as 论实力, Beijing, 2004)

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The Diplomat’s Dictionary, Second Edition, revised,
U.S. Institute of Peace Press, Washington, D.C. 2010

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Cooking Western in China 西餐菜单-中国原料烹调 [Bilingual English-Chinese Edition], Hong Kong, 1987

Other Publications (Partial Listing)

“A Diplomatic Taxonomy for the New World Disorder” & “About Spheres of Influence” in P. W. Hare, J. L. Manfredi-Sánchez, and K. Weisbrot (Eds.), “The Palgrave Handbook of Diplomatic Reform and Innovation,” Palgrave Macmillan, 2022

“The Incapacitation of US Statecraft and Diplomacy” in Sharp, P. and Wiseman, G. (Eds.), “American Diplomacy,” Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff, 2012

“Chinese Negotiating Behavior Revisited,” in Richard H. Solomon, “Chinese Negotiating Behavior,” 1999 (available at

“Preventing War in the Taiwan Strait” in Foreign Affairs, vol. 77, No. 4, 1998

“Sino-American Relations: Back to Basics” in Foreign Policy, No. 104, 1996

“Managing U.S. Relations with China,” Asia/Pacific Research Center, Stanford, California, 1996

“Same Strait, Different Memories” Remembering and Forgetting: The Legacy of Peace and War in East Asia”, CSIS, Washington, D.C. , 1996

“Reluctant Guardian: The United States in East Asia,” in Harvard International Review, vol. XVIII, No. 2, 1996

“The Fuss over Taiwan,” in China Business Review, vol. 22, No. 6, 1995

“The Middle East: Challenges Born of Success” in Joint Forces Quarterly, Autumn 1995

“The Angola-Namibia Accords,” in Foreign Affairs, vol. 68, No. 3, 1989

“The Process of Rapprochement: Achievements and Problems,” in Sino-American Normalization and Its Policy Implications, New York, 1983